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Relive Your Manchester Childhood Through Gin

~ No Name Distillery Box Sets ~ 16th Dec 2019


Manchester gin liqueur masters No Name Distillery have finally packaged together their six amazing bottles for the perfect Christmas present.


The tiny Manchester distiller, who are also behind the equally stunning Faith & Sons Gin, have produced two Premium Gift Sets, priced just £12.95 each, with three different 50ml miniature glass bottles of their vegan friendly flavoured gin liqueurs in both.



Evoking all your favourite childhood memories, the first gift set contains Dandelion & Burdock, Raspberry Ripple and Spiced Orange Marmalade flavours [buy here]



Whilst the second contains Pineapple & Coconut, Fruit Salad and Violet flavours [buy here]


Of course, as well as buying these as gifts for your relatives, you'll no doubt be curious to try them yourself - and believe us, they are absolutely incredible!


Fortunately, all six flavours are available in the full size half litre bottles.



No Name Distillery's best-seller, The Pineapple & Coconut Gin Liqueur (18% ABV) creates a delightful spin on the classic Piña Colada and is perfectly served with ice and your favourite mixer, or why not pop it in a cocktail. [buy here]



The Dandelion & Burdock Gin Liqueur (18% ABV) serves up memories of a northern childhood - before you got introduced to the booze, of course - and is best served with lots of ice, orange zest and, if you so wish, your choice of mixer. [buy here]


Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur (18% ABV) takes the classic ice cream and turns it into a delightfully pink gin liqueuer and can even be served over ice cream if you're feeling naughty. [buy here]


The Violet Gin Liqueur (18% ABV) takes its inspiration from that famous sweet factory, up the road in New Mills. Best served over lots of ice with whatever mixer you like, it really is a beauty! [buy here]



More retro sweet flavours are delivered with the Fruit Salad Gin Liqueur (18% ABV), best served with lots of ice, grapefruit zest and your choice of mixer. [buy here]


And finally, the Spiced Orange Marmalade Gin Liqueur (18% ABV), is best served in a tall glass with the zest of a slice of Orange, lots of ice and your favourite mixer. Again, it also works great in cocktails. [buy here]





No Name Distillery is the baby sister of Manchester's Faith & Sons Gin; a boutique one-man-band, one copper still, micro-distillery which was set up in 2015 by former Lisbon bartender Filipe Sousa, who came to Manchester to work in the city's bars (Australasia, Dusk Til Pawn, and Panacea).



With just 200 bottles per batch, the attention to detail has seen his gin praised by gin fanatics as well as the Manchester bartending community. At 42.2% ABV, it is especially good in cocktails and has since spawned a range of flavoured gins - Coffee, Pineapple, and  Mango - with a vodka, spiced rum and pink rum also available. [click here to buy]




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