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21st Feb 2020

Manchester's latest hotel opened today - words that we seem to write on an almost weekly basis. 


The 4 Star Hotel Brooklyn on Portland Street, from the team behind Hotel Gotham, was inspired by the New York borough, and its name, it says here, in the tenuous press blurb - was "chosen for its resonating similarities to Manchester, in terms of its buzzing industrial growth, as well as its strength of identity and culture; the sense of neighbourhood, the grittiness of its culture and edginess of its people." They make no mention of the similar crime rates, and homelessness problems. 


Interestingly, Brooklyn is actually twinned with Lambeth, London, whilst Manchester is twinned with, of all places, Wuhan, China; not the best choice of name for a hotel at the moment, in fairness.


The 189-room hotel will pay homage to Brooklyn’s history from the early 1900's up to the present day, "taking inspiration from" (words that seemed to be used a lot, in the press release) famous residents, from Mel Brooks to the Beastie Boys.



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The hotel's bar and restaurant, Runyon’s, is named after Damon Runyon, the American writer renowned for his depictions of Brooklyn characters.


Offering a "diverse authentic Brooklyn menu, combining much-loved British classics with a sprinkling of Big Apple swagger", such as Manhattan Clam Chowder, Chipotle Baked Pumpkin and New York Strip steaks.


The tension lines of the Brooklyn Bridge have - wait for it - "inspired" Runyon’s, giving it a flavour of downtown Brooklyn – "a mix of gangster and quality, purposeful engineering." It does overlook an infamous Thai "massage parlour" to be fair.


A dedicated private events bar, Salvation, can be found on the top floor of the hotel, whilst The Snug, is a contemporary take on the Victorian drawing rooms, with an open fireplace and a record player spinning "vintage" records from the Manchester music scene. Which presumably means Madchester rather than Modchester, or George Formby, Gracie Fields and Jack Lynton.



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