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Honest Mughli

11th Nov 2019

5 years ago, on a typically grey, drizzly summer’s day in an otherwise
unassuming car park in Chorlton, Haz, the maestro behind multi-award winning Mughli Charcoal Pit on Rusholme's famous Curry Mile first fell in love with Honest Crust after
Twitter was going crazy over their superb wood-fired pizza.


Following last month's collab with Almost Famous - whose chefs, this week, told Restaurants Of Manchester that their collab with Mughli was "no word of a lie, the best burger we have eaten!" - it was only natural that Haz would turn to his favourite pizza maker for his next collaboration.


And, for one week only, the Honest Crust kitchen in Mackie Mayor is set for not just one collaboration pizza, but two and they're even breaking one of the longest standing rules of Honest Crust for the first one.





“WE DON’T DO CHICKEN” they proudly proclaim over their pitch in Altrincham’s Market House - but no Mughli collab would ever be the same without its world-renowned, rich & creamy Butter Chicken.

“This will be the first and last time we put chicken on one of our pizzas so
wouldn’t want to do it for anyone else” say the otherwise Neopolitan-purists Honest Crust, after tasting the smoky tandoori chicken.

The “Forgive me Napoletana, for I have sinned” combines their signature sourdough base and house-milled passata sauce (made from tomatoesimported directly from Italy) with Mughli’s Halal, smoky tandoori chicken and fresh mozzarella, finished with a garlic, lemon & fenugreek olive oil and aleppo chilli ‘gunpowder’.


A rich, aromatic & gently-spiced warmer that we simply fell in love with at last week's press preview.



Its equally delicious vegetarian counterpart, “The Mughli Malai”, is fresher and lighter with great flavours and textures. A house Cimi di Rapa broccoli puree kicks starts proceedings with smoky mozzarella and charred Malai-broccoli stems, dotted with Mughli’s Malai sauce, toasted almonds and finished, again, with the aromatic fenugreek oil and aleppa chilli

Both pizzas are available for one week only, 12 – 17 November, from Honest Crust’s Mackie Mayor kitchen.


Mughli will be dropping off supplies (conveniently in time for lunch) each day but once they’re gone, they’re gone - so get there early to avoid seeing ‘the cross’.


And if the pizzas give you a taste for Mughli's amazing flavours then check out our Exclusive 50% Off Curries offer as part of Pride Of Manchester's 20th anniversary celebrations.



A constant entry in Restaurants Of Manchester's "Best Restaurants in Manchester" list, the Indian soul food restaurant has also been named as "One of Manchester’s Best Restaurants" by the Telegraph and BBC’s Good Food Guide.


The family-run restaurant is even older than Pride Of Manchester, entering its 28th year with a tapas-style menu inspired by the road-side cafes & family kitchens of Mughal India.




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