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Vapiano Manchester
Vapiano Manchester

Unit 13 The Corn Exchange, Manchester M4 3TR

Tel: 0161 348 7590

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Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 22:00

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Vapiano Manchester Vapiano Manchester
Vapiano Corn Exchange
International Italian group Vapiano has opened it’s first UK restaurant outside of London  The group which is famed for its freshly made pizza dough, pasta and salads alongside the best buffalo mozzarella, meats and cheeses has set up shop in the newly revitalised Corn Exchange.
The 400 cover restaurant spans two floors and boast a 100-year-old olive tree and fresh live herbs on the tables.  It will offer Manchester’s diners a unique concept as the restaurant is self-service with guests enjoying face-to-face interactions with chefs as they cook their dish to order, just how they like it.  Guests order and pay using a smart card system - one per customer - meaning everyone pays for what they order, avoiding the need for tricky bill splitting at the end of the meal.

PIZZA – It starts life as a humble ball. But as soon someone orders a pizza, it only takes seconds for a Vapianisti to transform the dough into a wonderfully thin base. These kitchen whizzes have been known to turn pizza-making into a show, spinning the pizza base through the air and leaving spectators looking on in awe. Will they drop it? Will it tear?

 Of course they won’t! Anyone twirling dough through the air at Vapiano knows exactly what they’re doing and is welcome to have a little fun now and again. There’s a good reason for all the dough throwing too – the pizza base becomes thinner and thinner. Vapianisti love to show off their party tricks and the guests love to marvel. Most pizza makers enjoy watching their wide-eyed guests, looking on nervously to see whether the dough will make it in one piece. The glint in their eye is proof of how much fun they’re having! And that’s not just the case for making the bases. Their Vapianisti are happy to create every pizza just the way our guests want it. Their motto: there’s no such thing as can’t! Want extra mozzarella? No problem. Fancy a vegan pizza? Coming right up. Or a carefully folded Calzone? Their pleasure.


Vapiano Manchester

PASTA – When they prepare their pasta, they know exactly how fresh the ingredients are. Guests are free to watch what goes on at the cooking stations and see for themselves exactly how they produce their homemade pasta. It just couldn’t taste better!

The best part is when the pasta comes out of the machine and is still slightly warm. It needs to be handled gently so it reaches the length they want. The soft, warm strips of dough are then cut and laid carefully to one side. Less than a few hours later, the same pasta is taken from the shelf and combined with fresh vegetables, beef or prawns. It all depends on what guests order. We love creating such fresh dishes, and I’m sure the guests notice how much we enjoy it too! Incidentally, one of our favourite pasta dish can be prepared in a jiffy. Take a look at this short film to find out what it is and how I make it.

HERBS – Fresh herbs are the heart and soul of Mediterranean cuisine. Their inimitable aroma is part of Vapiano’s trademark ambience. Among others, freshly picked basil, sage and rosemary add their own special note to pasta dishes, pizzas, salads and antipasti.

Pots of fresh herbs on the tables give off a heady scent that adds to the Mediterranean atmosphere in Vapiano restaurants. Giving their guests the opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste these herbs means you feel just as passionately about them as they do. At Vapiano, everything revolves around freshness. Every day, their carefully selected suppliers provide each restaurant with a host of fresh, premium quality ingredients, including aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano and sage. Whether “Pasta Pomodoro” or “Pizza Toscana” – only the very best ingredients will do, so they always ensure their herbs are first class. A lush green colour, a heady smell and a firm, crunchy structure are all vital - regardless of whether in pots on restaurant tables or in loose bunches in the kitchens.

What’s more, every Vapiano restaurant has its own herb garden or shelf that is lovingly cultivated. Each table has a selection of delicious smelling potted herbs so guests are able to season their food individually. Out of all their herbs, fresh basil tops the charts among visitors across the world.
Vapiano Manchester
Vapiano Special Offers

Seasonal Specials

Every two months Vapiano create a range of new seasonal specials in Pasta, Pizza, Salad, Soup and Dolci - all home-made using only the best, fresh ingredients.

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Vapiano Manchester

Vapianos' Ice Creams!

Listen up ice cream lovers! You can savour six new Vapiano ice cream flavours in their restaurants. Choose from four delicious ice creams and two refreshing, vegan, gluten-free AND lactose-free sorbets. From old favourites like “Cookies & Cream” to wacky new creations such as “Green Tea Coconut Fudge” – there’s sure to be something to tickle your taste buds.  

Vapiano ice creams:  

Cookies & Cream – wonderfully creamy with crunchy cookie pieces
Dark Chocolate – a double whammy of rich dark chocolate with dark chocolate chips
Strawberries & Cream – no need to choose when you can have fruit and creamy all in one
Green Tea Coconut Fudge – the aroma of freshly brewed green tea with sweet coconut notes –designed especially for experimental diners

Vapiano sorbets:
Raspberry – nothing says summer like the taste of sweet raspberries – and this dessert is guaranteed lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan
Lemon – the classic summer sorbet to cool and refresh you – also guaranteed lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan

NB, offers may not apply during Festive period & Bank Holidays - check with venue before visiting

Vapiano Manchester

Happy Hour

Vapiano is offering its customers post-work happiness in Manchester with its Happy Hour. Enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails from 4pm – 7pm Monday to Friday.

Prices start at just £4.50, and with its Italian classic Aperol Spritz on the menu for just £4.95 and included in the special offer, it promises to be a very, very happy hour!

NB, offers may not apply during Festive period & Bank Holidays - check with venue before visiting

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Vapiano Manchester
Vapiano Manchester

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