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Manchester Restaurants Listed by Cuisine

To help you plan your dining experience, we've gathered together restaurants in Manchester by cuisine.

There are restaurants in Manchester to suit everybody's taste, offering different dishes from all over the world.

From Japanese sushi to Spanish tapas, Argentinean steaks to Italian pizza, spicy Indian curries to Scandinavian seafood or Chinese banquets to good old fashioned regional British dishes, Manchester has it all.

If you're coming to Manchester for the theatre or to watch a concert and fancy something to eat close by, you can search our Manchester Restaurants by Location guide. Just pick the venue that you'll be visiting from the list below and you'll find a list of all the restaurants within a 5 minute walk.


British Restaurants in Manchester
Try the local dishes and under-rated British cuisine in many of the fine dining restaurants in Manchester or some of the more basic pub grub venues in the region. Local specialities include Bury Black Pudding, Steak & Kidney Pudding and Manchester Tart.

European Restaurants in Manchester
Many restaurants in Manchester offer menus with a wide influence of cuisines from mainland Europe and the rest of the world.

Italian Restaurants in Manchester
There's a large number of Italian restaurants in Manchester ranging from traditional family ran trattorias to pizzerias and large chains. Frequented by the many Premiership footballers and celebs who live in the city, Italian cuisine seems to be the most popular choice.

French Restaurants in Manchester
There's a great selection of French restaurants and bistros in Manchester, with top chefs serving superb quality food and wine.

Spanish Restaurants in Manchester
There are some excellent Spanish tapas and Portuguese piri piri restaurants in Manchester whether it be paella, chorizo, gambas or piri piri chicken, there's plenty to choose.

Greek Restaurants in Manchester
There's a small number of Greek restaurants, tapas bars, tavernas and meze restaurants in Manchester.

Indian Restaurants in Manchester
Many of the Indian restaurants in Manchester are amongst the best in Europe, whilst Rusholme offers the famous Curry Mile, a collection of bright neon lit restaurants just 2 miles from the city centre

Turkish Restaurants in Manchester
There's an excellent choice of Persian and Turkish restaurants in Manchester offering everything from kebabs to charcoal grills.

Oriental Restaurants in Manchester
Almost every cuisine from the Far East is represented in Manchester's Asian restaurants.

Thai Restaurants in Manchester
Manchester boasts some of the best Thai restaurants in Europe.

Japanese Restaurants in Manchester
Manchester boasts some incredible Japanese restaurants, sushi bars and theatre style teppanyaki kitchens.

American Restaurants in Manchester
As well as the usual US franchises, burger bars, coffee houses and New York pizzerias that you can find in any city across Europe, there's also independent retro American diners and grills in Manchester .

Latin & South American Restaurants in Manchester
There's a handful of Mexican restaurants in Manchester, Argentinean grill bars, Chilean tapas and Brazilian barbeque rodizios offering tasty tacos, burritos and steaks.

African Restaurants in Manchester
Surprisingly, there's only a handful of Caribbean restaurants in Manchester

African Restaurants in Manchester
Sadly, there's only a few African restaurants in Manchester to choose from.

Seafood Restaurants in Manchester
There's a few specialist Scandinavian and British seafood restaurants in Manchester, plus Thai & Japanese restaurants offering sashimi

Vegetarian Restaurants in Manchester
There's a number of top vegetarian restaurants in Manchester offering more than just the standard dishes you find elsewhere.

Halal Restaurants in Manchester
Many restaurants in Manchester serve food that is permissible according to Islamic law, offering many different types of cuisines.

Kosher Restaurants in Manchester
You'll find a small number of kosher restaurants in Manchester.

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