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Döner Haus Manchester
AddressThe Corn Exchange, Manchester, M4 3TR
Phone0161 834 8312
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Döner Haus Launch Preview
Restaurants Of Manchester (Saturday 8th February 2020)

Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview
Döner Haus ~ Corn Exchange Manchester Döner Haus ~ Menu
‘The Donner Kebab’; in this country, it’s an often unfairly berated fast food classic, with a commonly bad rep for being little more than poor quality junk, seemingly only savoured by those whose who fancy a post drinking session munch before jumping in a taxi home. 

Now over in Germany, most notably in the capital city of Berlin, the humble Doner Kebap, as they call it, is an absolute institution. A large Turkish population has led to not only a large number of establishments peddling their wares, but also a generally high quality offering in keeping with the tastes of the Turkish locals.
Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview
Döner Haus ~ Beer Selection Döner Haus ~ Beers
Last Winter, the Restaurants of Manchester team found ourselves in one of these authentic meccas of Turkish Doner, ironically BEFORE embarking on a 5am finish cocktail session.  The following night was spent at a Michelin starred number, and we ate everything which Berlin had to offer. 

But that Doner experience still remained one of the lasting culinary memories of our trip.  Even for the biggest food snob, a good Doner can be a thing of simple beauty when done properly.
Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview
Döner Haus ~ Mixed Chilli Döner Döner Haus ~ The Mustafa
Now, we heard whispers of a German Kebab house opening in The Printworks some time ago, long before the above German pilgrimage.  Then low and behold, up pops Doner Haus, in The Corn Exchange.  We were invited down to take a look, and could only say Ja to such an invitation. 

The fit out is lovely, with stunning modern furnishings, and great views over the Corn Exchange foyer from the upstairs balcony.  I’m also pleased to report that the kebabs are right in line with what we experienced in Berlin.
Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview
Döner Haus ~ Shawarma Fries Döner Haus ~ Onion Rings
Specially made bread from Doner Haus’ own bakery, was light and fluffy, carrying the high quality, hand crafted, perfectly spiced meat like a charm.  Fresh salad and sauces finished things off, delivering what are Manchester’s very first authentic Berlin style doners. 

I'm overjoyed to report that on top of a plethora of kebab options, there are also other delights to sample.  Most notably, the also-iconic Berliner treat of Currywurst; a roasted German style sausage, covered in a tomato curry sauce!  We also tried the chicken Shawarma topped fries, and some obligatory onion rings.
Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview Doner Haus - February 2020 Launch Preview
Döner Haus ~ Chef & Grill Döner Haus ~ Upstairs Seating
Vegetarian options have also been considered well, in a traditionally meat dominated menu.  Salads, falafel, vegan Bratwursts and vegan schnitzels are all on the cards.  What’s not to love?  

The bar menu is also suitably strong too, with a long list of cocktails, wines, and of course, the traditional German beer selection which is our preference for washing down a Doner with.

Doner Haus opens to the public on Monday Feb 10th, and we suspect will go down very well indeed.

Döner Haus Corn Exchange Reviews
New Berlin-inspired döner kebab and currywurst restaurant inside the Corn Exchange. ~ Restaurants Of Manchester (August 2019)

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