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Mughli Restaurant & Charcoal Pit Rusholme
Tel: 0161 248 0900
30 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5TQ [map]
~ 2 miles (10 mins drive) from Manchester town hall ~
Stylish North Indian & Pakistani restaurant and charcoal pit on the Curry Mile, serving authentic Mughlai cuisine since 1991
Mughli Restaurant Rusholme
Mughli Rusholme - overall reader reviews
most popular dish: 20th Anniversary Taster Menu (£20 per couple)
Mughli Restaurant Rusholme - our review
A 20th Birthday Party You Really Should Accept The Invite For (Feb 2011)

Trusted Reviewer "As far as Rusholme goes, Mughli's classy facade is very understated. However once inside, the fantastic authentic Mughlai cuisine and excellent service shines brighter than the flashing neon lights that surround it.

Having first opened its doors on the Curry Mile in 1991 by Mohammad 'Uncle Peter' Arshad, Mughli specialises in the karahi cooking style used in Delhi and Punjab, the region straddling the border between India and Pakistan. Sadly Uncle Peter passed away shortly before the restaurant's 20th anniversary, leaving the company in the capable hands of his sons Sax, Haz, Was and Shaz.

The brothers have modernised the concept, giving the Rusholme restaurant a very stylish refurbishment and redesigning the menu to showcase the most popular dishes from their father. adding a modern slant in the process.

The new decor is very tasteful, and in stark contrast to many of the 1980's style curry houses that still surround it. The huge carved wood wall display alone is worthy of note; we witnessed two customers leave their tables to admire it close-up. Another wall boasts billboard style flyposters advertising Bollywood movies.

Mughli - impressive wall display

The effort the lads and their team have put into Mughli would really make their father proud. In a recent conversation with Ian Matfin, the former Executive Chef at Michael Caines, the 'Best Restaurant in Manchester 2009 & 2010', listed the Rusholme establishment as one of his favourite restaurants in Manchester. High praise indeed from somebody who has worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge’s and Aubergine, Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Michael Caines’ Gidleigh Park and Terry Laybourne's 21 Queen Street, some eight Michelin stars between them. Celebrity chef Matt Tebbutt also recently described Mughli as "the best Indian restaurant he has ever been to".

Mughli - impressive wall display

As part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations, Mughli are offering an Exclusive Taster Menu to Pride Of Manchester members for just £20 per couple, Amazing value for money but, as we found out, not for the light eater.

Following some crispy papadums with fresh dips for starters (usually £3), we were presented with 10 dishes per couple, showcasing 12 Mughlai specialties. As we were a table of 4 and had ordered the two additional options, a further 4 specialties, of Seafood Platter (£5) and Tikka Meat Bowl (£5), our 22 plates seriously filled the large table and reinforced the feeling that the offer was a steal.

We were advised to try the Samosa Chaat first, as the crispy Aloo Bhujia, with which they are served, is better fresh from the kitchen before it hardens. Typically served from road-side carts in North India and Pakistan, these vegetable samosas topped with chickpeas, potato, cucumber and onions were absolutely delicious and are well worth ordering as a starter if dining from the a la carte menu (£3).

With three of the other dishes beng sauces, it was possible to combine with the Steamed or Browned Basmati Rice, Garlic & Coriander Naan, Special Keema Naan, Bombay Aloo potatoes, or even mix and match with the other 4 specialities and 4 optional dishes. Whilst all three sauces were differing in spice, each was mild enough for everybody to enjoy regardless of your usual curry strength.

Each sauce was a winner from the four of us that dined but the darker of the three, the Bombay Spinach, was the favourite. An aromatic onion, tomato, coriander and sweet spinach sauce, the mildest of the three, it went particularly well with the browned rice, Bombay Aloo potatoes, naan breads and the optional tikka lamb. If you order from the a la carte, you can enjoy Bombay Spinach with chicken breast, mixed vegetables or lamb off the bone (£7.90).

The lighter coloured, spicier Karahi Crushed Garlic & Chilli sauce was also exceptional and worked well with the same dishes. This traditional Pakistani sauce is made using fresh tomato, onion, ginger and coriander, before being infused with the crushed garlic and chilli. It went especially well with the lamb tikka (£7.90 on the a la carte).

The red creamier Makhanwala sauce, matched the steamed rice, naan bread, chicken fillets and optional chicken tikka perfectly. This deliciously rich, traditional butter and cream based sauce with crushed cloves and cardamom seeds is one of the most popular Indian curries, usually found in Butter Chicken or Chicken Makhani. It's available on the a la carte menu with chicken tikka or paneer (£8.50).

The stand out dish from the standard £20 Taster Menu was the Seikh Kebab, which was basted in a chilli and mango sauce and wrapped in a tava roti strip. Available on the a la carte menu as a starter (£4), we could easily order two or three of these as a main course on our next visit. The cool cucumber and mint raita sauce it was served with was fantastic.

If you can find room for one of the optional dishes, the Seafood Platter is well worth the extra £5 for the Masala Fish alone (£5 on the a la carte menu). Certainly the highlight of the meal for us all, it's made using Mummy Arshad's recipe, with the haddock fillets so perfectly cooked they literally flake on touch. Our friends from The Faroe Islands, possibly where the fish was caught, enthused about the dish's excellence so much they even ordered an extra portion.

Mughli - impressive wall display

We're not sure how they found room for another dish, which also comes with the most tender King Prawn Butterfly (normally £5), as we were completely over faced by the delicious offerings. The Chicken Pakora fillets (normally £3) and char grilled boneless chicken cutlets were more than enough to eat in their own spices or mix with the sauces, however we also ordered the additional Meat Tikka Bowl for good measure (£5 extra). Whilst not necessarily required, the tikka lamb and chicken were perfectly cooked and ideal for mixing with the sauces.

Mughli - impressive wall display

Throughout the night, the service had been top notch, friendly and largely informative - especially considering the Taster Offer was new. It would help to have a menu with you throughout the meal as a guide to what's in front of you. Although, that said, they hadn't arrived back from the printers by the time we visited so it may actually be planned.

We finished the meal with a Mint Tea, which was ideal for the digestion but maybe a little too sugary for our liking. Oh, and then of course there was the famous Vimto lollies with the bill. Perfect for the 20 minute walk back to the city centre which we certainly needed following this mega feast.

Whether you're dining from the a la carte or the ridiculously cheap exclusive Taster Menu, it's safe to say that Mughli will redefine your opinions of Rusholme.

This is a quality restaurant that we'll certainly be returning too again and again, and it's a safe bet that we'll be ordering the same Mughlai dishes we've now been introduced to."- restaurants of manchester 23/2/11 (visited late on a wednesday evening)

"very good"
"amazing value"
"very good"
"rusholme redefined"
"very impressive"

Mughli Restaurant Rusholme Manchester - member's reviews

Trusted Reviewer "With a culinary life heavily influenced by the Restaurants Of Manchester Top 10 list, I reluctantly made my way down to Mughli late one Saturday evening with some foreign friends, who were visiting Manchester for a holiday. I say 'reluctantly', largely down to the fact I have not had many good experiences in Rusholme and, when you compare the normal offerings on the Curry Mile to that at say Zouk, East Z East or Akbars in the city centre, it makes you question how Shimla Pinks could close down back in the day when it was the only quality alternative to the tacky neon lit strip.

I can confirm though that I was blown away by Mughli. Sure, service could have been slightly better and the food was great, if not world-class, however it was one of the most enjoyable meals I've had in a long time. The decor is very impressive - not what you'd expect to find amongst the 1980's curry houses and kebab shops along the Curry Mile. We were sat down and given menus quite promptly, although the waiter in question could have been a bit more friendly - one of my major problems with the Mile used to be that the staff often treat nearly every customer with the same disdain they save for drunken students, regardless of sobriety. I explained to my foreign friends, somewhat embarrased, those same feelings and we waited... and waited... and waited... for the order to be taken or at least offer drinks. Eventually, a friendlier waiter came over and took both food and drinks order, helping us with the menu in the process.

My intial fear of 'I should have taken them to Zouk' starting to dissipate, the food arrived in good time and was very good indeed. The chutney tray (£2) that went with the fresh pappadams (£1 each) was fantastic. The Seikh Kebab starter (£3.50) was very tasty if a little bit too overcooked and the Masala Fish (£5) was declared amongst the best fish my friend had ever experienced. If my memory serves me right, he even ordered a second one. The Chicken Tikka Makhani (£8.50), a creamy rich almond sauce curry was brilliant. Served with perfect Tandoori Naan (£2.50) and a beautiful mushroom rice pot (£3), this was certainly one of the best dishes I've had at an Indian restaurant in Manchester.

Now, is it worthy of its place in the Restaurants Of Manchester Top 10? Good question. My foreign friends absolutely loved it, however I also feel they would have loved Akbars, Zouk or East Z East equally. Having dined in all the alternatives, I'm hard pushed to say. In my experience, Zouk is amazing but seriously let down by poor service, East Z East has great service but the food doesn't produce that wow factor and Akbars is so busy, it's too loud and you feel rushed to make way for the next sitting. Mughli on the other hand left me wanting to go back again and also go out of my way to tell others about it. Rusholme you have redeemed yourself." - Matthew, Manchester ~ TRUSTED REVIEWER (10/5/12 - visited on a weds evening)


"From the outside, I would probably have to say that Mughli looks one of the nicest on the strip. Once inside, I found the décor to be very pleasant and the restaurant on the whole had a calm and welcoming feel. We sat near the window, which has tinted glass. Even though it was raining outside and kind of gloomy the glass gave off a warm feeling. Looking out towards the strip, if you didn't know that it was raining and cold outside, you would have thought that it was a warm summer's day. The service that we received was one of the best I have experienced. We were greeted with great hospitality and then given the choice of where we would like to be seated. The gentleman was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We decided to start with poppadoms and follow with the Thali Sunday lunch. The poppadoms and the pickle tray were fantastic, very fresh and tasteful. When the main arrived, it brought a smile to my face. The presentation was exceptional. My Karai and rice were presented with three other dishes along with the best garlic naan i have ever tasted. All the dishes were fantastic and very good value for money. I have travelled and eaten in many restaurants all over the world. I expect extremely high standards from anyone who offer a service and I wish that I could say something negative about Mughli but I cant find fault. The service and the food were exceptional. I haven't walked out of a restaurant with a smile on my face for such a long time. I will be returning for sure in about two weeks time. From this visit, Mughli has to be in my Top 10 restaurants ever visited throughout the world." - Karl Beaumont, Huddersfield ~ NEW MEMBER (8/1/12 - visited on a sunday lunchtime)

Trusted Reviewer "Mughli is a bustling restaurant. On my last visit it was extremely busy and there was more than 15 people waiting in the bar area for tables. For people to be waiting upto 45 minutes in Rusholme for a curry says it all really, as the Restaurants Of Manchester Top 15 list testifies, and it's not exactly like there's a shortage of Indian Restaurants in Rusholme. As always, the food was amazing! From our table of four, three said it was 'one of the best curries they have ever had'. One of the lads virtually lives on curry and he was bowled over, claiming the King Prawns (£5.50) were the best he'd ever tasted and the Lamb Chops (£5) up there with the best too. The service was brilliant and Haz, the owner, brought out sample dishes for us to try on top of what we ordered, the Chicken Tikka in Kali-Mirch mango & black pepper sauce was a winner all round (normally £4). I will certainly be ordering that again in the future, it tasted amazing. We asked for 'no corriander' on some dishes and they even omitted it from the freshly made Seikh Kebabs (£3.50), despite it normally being a key ingredient. On this visit, I was really impressed as always and happily got the thumbs up from the rest of my party for the recommendation, each vowing to return too. I certainly recommended the Exclusive Restaurants Of Manchester Taster Menu if it's still on offer (£20 per couple). It was that good, we took home doggy bags as we didn't want to leave any left overs." - Danny, Salford ~ TRUSTED REVIEWER (23/5/11 - visited on a saturday evening)


"We visited Mughli for the 20th Anniversary Taster Menu on Restaurants Of Manchester. I still can't believe the amount of food we received for the price and it was of outstanding quality. It has lovely decor, perfectly suited to the atmosphere. The restaurant was extremely busy and there was a wedding party in too so we had a wait before our meal but they kept us informed and ensured that we weren't waiting too long. We were really impressed by the service. The waiters and manager were excellent and very apologetic even though we didn't mind at all. The wait gave us time to get sufficiently hungry for the huge banquet. The food was absolutely gorgeous and suited both mine and my partner's tastes perfectly. The banquet enabled us to sample food that we wouldn't usually order and we thought it all tasted fantastic. Our favourite dish was the kebab served in a roti. Overall, Mughli was an excellent experience from start to finish, including the friendly staff, the beautiful food and the incredible value for money. I can't wait to visit again." - Helen Wood, Rochdale ~ member since Feb 2011 (3/4/11 - visited on a sunday afternoon)


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